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A Day in the Life of a Luxe Care staff member

Here is some information so you can understand what it might be like to spend a day in the life of a home care staff member.

If we think about this critically, there is probably no “typical” day for a home carer. One part of the job is to respond and act on a variety of client scenarios, whether this be a change of plans for the day, something new that has cropped up or serious health concern.

There is however at least one constant for these highly skilled staff: every day, their efforts make a huge difference to our client’s lives.

There is an APP for that

At Luxe Care our staff know what is going on through our secure allocation and care planning APP that is downloaded on to their phones. This ensures information is up to date in real time.

Only staff who pass our strict recruitment criteria have access to the APP. Should a staff member leave – yes some retire or move interstate! – they are immediately removed from the APP, thus protecting our company records and your privacy.

This APP also serves as our timesheet system and is geo-mapped to ensure staff clock on for a shift when they are physically at a client’s home.

On the road

Our staff typically start the day by getting in the driver’s seat of their car and travel to the homes of clients in need of care or companionship.

Unlike a hospital or nursing home, with no supply cupboard just down the hall, any equipment or health care items such as sanitiser, gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that might be needed for the day’s tasks must be available.

We have plenty of supplies at our head office and our Care Managers are in constant contact with each team to make sure supplies and equipment are at hand.

Support is at hand

Because carers work in the field without the benefit of co-workers in the immediate vicinity, they have to be able to operate independently and confidently. Many enjoy the challenge of communicating effectively with a wide range of clients and using their observational and problem-solving skills to deliver high quality services in the home.

However, it is important to note that our staff don’t operate in a vacuum. While they may be on the front line, they are also an integral and respected part of our care team.

All staff form tight knit teams and each client and staff member are allocated a Care Manager, who is a Registered Nurse. We make sure we have support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and our staff and clients know we are just a phone call away.


home care responsibilities

Being a home carer is a major responsibility and all staff, once suitably matched, are expected to connect with their clients, provide the care and services they need, and maintain all relevant records.

However, home carers also enjoy far more freedom than their peers working onsite in an aged care facility. If a client wants to go on an outing or do something different for the day, our team lead by the Care Manager, can make sure this happens. After all, it is all about you.

Adapting to change

With dedicated teams, generally the staff have regular clients the staff know well. Sometimes they may be called in to cover an urgent request, for example, if a client urgently needs an extra hand and their regular team are already working.

With consistent policies and procedures and great support from our Care Managers, transitioning on to cover a shift or meet a new client is generally a smooth process.

Our Carers get to meet new people and venture to new places and as a result, they also have a chance to treat an ever-changing array of health conditions. Working in a private home care environment allows them to continually expand their knowledge and refine both their interpersonal skills and their care giving skills.


Clients often receive home care services after a significant event such as a trip to hospital. Some of the great pleasures our staff report is in seeing people recover well and regain independence. As an added bonus, home care staff get the pleasure of seeing clients make progress and get to see firsthand the positive impact they’ve had on someone’s life.

As you can see, working in a supportive home care environment is extremely rewarding. That’s why we say Luxe Care is the ultimate home care service.