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Causes of Loneliness in the Elderly

Do you have a lonely parent who is struggling with feelings of isolation or depression? Are you having a hard time getting them to leave the house and enjoy social activities, especially during the holidays?

With age comes an increased risk of loneliness and social isolation which can be even more prevalent in elders who either cannot or do not want to leave their home. This can be problematic because loneliness can often result in depression and ultimately additional health problems.

There are several factors that may be keeping your parent a little isolated and feeling down:

They can no longer drive, may only feel safe driving short distances during the day or they rely on others to drive them places. It can be hard to ask for help with transportation, so they mightn’t get out and socialize with others.

Physical limitations such as chronic pain or mobility issues results in difficulty getting around.

Poor vision or hearing and may mean elders simply do not feel comfortable being in noisy places with a lot of people.

They may be battling depression or anxiety and are unable to leave their home.

Despite a reasonable or good level of income, being of the frugal generation they may be worried about the potential cost of social activities and prefer not to spend any extra money. Sound familiar?


What You Can Do to Help

There are ways you can help your parent feel more connected to friends, family and their community, and possibly combat depression and loneliness.

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Be aware. Pay close attention to times that may prompt loneliness, such as the holidays or anniversaries of births and deaths. Stay connected and keep in touch more often during those difficult times.

Keep them active. Encourage parents to get involved in activities outside of the home if they are able, such as a participating in a hobby they enjoy, a senior exercise class, adult education classes or a volunteer opportunity. Staying active also can mean regular visits with friends to have lunch, take a walk or just talk.

Consider companion care. Luxe Care offers companion care services that include regular visits, conversation and company, medication reminders, meal preparation, shopping, transportation and more. This can provide much-needed peace of mind for families who have busy lives or do not live close to their elderly loved one.

If you’re interested in learning more about our senior companion care services, contact us on 1300 848 365. If you have a specific question about caregiving or are concerned about the specific needs of your aging loved one, you can call us for a confidential discussion. We will discuss your circumstances and preferences and help you understand your options.

Luxe Care Makes Living at Home Easier By

Hand-picking your care team to suit your needs and interests

Developing a detailed care plan that addresses your goals

Organise and oversee the delivery of your services

Change plans as your needs change


The Benefits of Luxe Care

We understand that the need for support is not restricted to business hours so we are available around the clock for emergencies.

We are expert in home care and can provide professional and informed advice.

We don’t stretch our staff over a large number of clients, which means they have more time to focus on our clients.

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