COVID-19 Update: Luxe Care is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and appreciates the gravity of the risk of Coronavirus and our responsibility to care for the most vulnerable population groups, our aged clients and our staff. For those seeking assistance at home rest assured we have the capability and capacity to provide immediate assistance to you or your loved one. Click here for more information.

registered nurse for home care

We know nothing beats home. Research shows that people want to be at home and direct their care, even when their health is compromised.

The combination of an ageing population, with concurrent chronic disease, rising health care costs and demand for high quality, responsive care place greater emphasis on the provision of home care services. Helping to support people at home is key to a sustainable health system with seamless care across the continuum.

Luxe Care home care is client centred as care happens best at home, with strong partnerships to ensure the most effective care. The company is owned by Nurses and our expert Registered Nurse staff are the link between Care staff, clients, families, doctors, specialists and other health professionals.

Nursing is a specialised area of practice and having Registered Nurses employed and available 24 hours a day is the most professional resource in home care.

This is enabled through:

  • Leadership that creates a supportive workplace.
  • Services that are aligned and work for the goal of providing care at home.
  • Education and the delivery of best practice standards of staff.
  • Provision of our own team of Registered Nurses expert in dementia care, wound care, palliative (or end of life) care and case management.

Our health system is at a point of change and Registered Nurses in home care are critical for successfully ensuring clients continue to remain living at home for as long as they wish.

Make sure your home care service can provide expert Registered Nurses whenever you may need them. Luxe Care does.