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Plan for emergencies

We all know that emergencies can happen at any time. If you are a carer of an elder, planning for emergencies will help you to cope even when things go wrong.

This may sound obvious but if you have all the information you need in one place, having an Emergency Plan makes things easier for you in case you need to get urgent help.

An emergency might involve the person you care for. For example, they might fall and break a bone or their health might suddenly get worse. It is always good to know what to do in situations like these.

An emergency could possibly involve you. You could become ill, have an accident or have to leave home suddenly. Having a plan means that if something goes wrong, the person you care for will still be looked after.

An emergency care plan makes it easy for someone to take over from you in a hurry. The plan is also useful if someone else will be providing care for a while, or if you need to talk with someone such as a health care professional.

At the very least an emergency care plan should include:

  • Personal information about the person you care for (name, address, age, condition, health)
  • Details of any emergency contacts, including
    • Next of Kin (your main emergency contact)
    • Family and friends
    • Guardians or someone who may have a power of attorney
    • If you are a client of Luxe Care include our emergency contact number
  • Medical history
  • A list of medications, how and when they should be given
  • Care needs, e.g. usual diet, details of personal care
  • A list of the regular support services they get and upcoming appointment dates, times and locations
  • Anything else you think someone taking over for you in a hurry would need to know

What is a carer emergency card

A carer emergency card is a card you can carry in your wallet to let people know that you care for someone. It’s a good idea to carry an emergency card to make sure the person you care for will be looked after if something happens to you.

This card has the contact details of people who have your emergency care plan and anyone else who can help the person you care for if something happens to you.

The person you care for should also carry a card in their wallet to let people know they are being cared for by you.

You can go to and download or ask to be sent a blank emergency care plan and card to fill in.

Once you have filled in the plan, you should save it to your phone or computer. You should also print out copies of the plan, and:

  • keep a copy of the plan somewhere safe and easy to see in your home. You should also keep a copy of important documents such as wills, guardianship and powers of attorney with your emergency care plan
  • take a copy with you when you leave home or travel with the person you care for
  • give a copy to each of your emergency contacts, including your Care Manager at Luxe Care
  • give a copy to your doctor, and anyone else who may need to know what to do

Once you have filled in the carer emergency card, you should put it in your wallet. Once you have filled in the emergency card for the person you care for, they should put it in their wallet or carry it with them.

We hope that you never need to use a carer emergency card however we believe it is always best to be prepared.