What tasks do private home care nurses tasks

Private home care nurses such as our staff at Luxe Care are completely focused on you and what you need and want to enjoy life. 

Tasks that can be provided include:

  • Household duties – duties can be anything from cooking, cleaning, organizing the household, shopping for you, walking the dog
  • Personal care – from helping you get up and ready for your day, remembering to take important medicines, showering, getting around the house, enjoying your hobbies
  • Nursing – this can include the services of a qualified Registered Nurse and could cover anything from attending to wound dressings, making sure you are recovering from a hospital stay, administering special drugs, providing assessment and care planning to coordinate services to help you remain at home, all the way to end of life care in your home
  • Companionship – some of our staff are expert at scrabble, cards, sewing, sitting and having a good chat, taking clients to the movies or out for dinner
  • Outings and appointments – all of our staff have full drivers licences and well maintained vehicles. Or we can drive yours and take to on road trips, outings, take to you important appointments such as the doctor, hairdresser or lunch with the girls
  • Holidays and events – we have taken people away for weekends, sent care teams with staff to their holiday homes, escorted people to weddings, provided companionship and care on overseas holidays. The choices are limitless.
  • Holiday relief for families – when families need to take a holiday but worry about who is there to care for gran, Luxe Care can assist with anything from daily checks to live in care.
  • Overnight care – some clients like to have the assurance that if they need to get up during the night there is someone there to help. Sleepover shifts mean that our staff stay at your home and sleep in their own room near yours. We can also provide staff to be awake all night as well. Again, this is entirely up to you.
  • 24 hour support – for those seeking the ultimate service to remain living at home always, we can provide live in care. Staff are available to assist when needed, can be discreetly out of sight so you have time to yourself, and stay overnight. Small, tight knit teams provide a seamless service and take care of all the little things so you don’t have to worry. We will cook, clean, shop, prepare meals, sit and talk, do the garden, laugh and entertain you if that is what you like. Because we perfectly match our Carers to clients you can be assured we will get the right combination so you get the most out of life.

At Luxe Care, we provide the highest quality personalised care and support to enable older people to remain at home.

We will discuss your circumstances and preferences and help you understand your options.

We want to help. Please call us today on 1300 848 365 or contact us via our website contact form.