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what is the retirement age

They say 80 is the new 40. Retirement, and how you live in retirement, can be entirely up to you. While there is no official retirement age in Australia there are services and benefits that come with age.

  • From 55 you can start to access your superannuation.
  • From 65 (or 55 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) you can access aged care services.
  • At 100 you will receive a lovely letter from the Queen.

There are benefits of course to retiring at a time that suits you. This might give you time to travel, visit family, look after grandchildren or take up that new hobby. At Luxe Care we have a number of clients who haven’t officially retired and are still working way in to their 70s, 80s and even 90s. Harland Sanders is famous for creating Kentucky Fried Chicken; he was 62 years old when he franchised KFC.

If you can keep working or keep occupied, sometimes with a little help, we believe whatever makes you happy works for us too.

We believe it is not about when you officially stop working, some people just never retire.