A Home Care Package is a package that can be subsidised by government funding. The level of subsidy is determined through a Centrelink Income Assessment. A Home Care package is great for those wanting to continue to live at home, and require a basic level of care from a qualified carer.

There are four levels of Home Care Packages available, and the level that you receive will depend on whether you need a helping hand with something as minimal as washing or if you require a far higher level of care such as support from a Registered Nurse. Typically, a Home Care Package can cover anything between two hours to around fifteen hours of care per week, depending on the types and days required.

Luxe Care provides care and full case management services for clients who choose to “self manage” their package, meaning very low administration fees. This enable us to provide more hours of direct care when compared to many other companies. Our services are all designed around your goals and preferences.


  • Personal Care and well being from our own qualified Carers
  • Domestic Support and Home Help
  • Post Hospital Care
  • Comprehensive Care (this includes care from registered nurses, palliative care, wound care and pain management)
  • Indirect Services (such as equipment supply, home modifications, assistive technology)

If you are unsure as to whether a government funded Home Care Package is right for you, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help talk you through your options.

5 Steps to getting a Home Care Package

If you are interested in getting a Home Care Package, whether it is for you or a loved one, there are five steps that you should follow in order to receive one:

Step 1 – Assess whether or not you need home care

If you are starting to realise that you need a helping hand, maybe it is time to look into home care. A wonderful way to receive support from an expert carer when you need it, there is a variety of packages out there that can be adjusted to suit your needs. This can undeniably be a tough step to take, but with Luxe Care’s support, you will get the help you need without having to compromise on living your life to the full.

Step 2 – Register with My Aged Care

If you have decided that government funded home care is right for you or your relative, it is important to register with My Aged Care. You can do this by either visiting their website – myagedcare.gov.au or by calling on 1800 200 422.

Step 3 – ACAT assessment

Also known as an aged care assessment, an ACAT is an assessment done by an independent team that can include a nurse, occupational therapist and / or physiotherapist. The assessment needs to be done to approve the level of government funded care. During the assessment, you will be visited by the team at your home. If they state that you are eligible for a Home Care Package, you will be informed by mail in around ten days following the assessment. This will state the level that they think is appropriate for you and you will be placed in a national queue that is determined by the priority of care that you need.

Keep in mind that for many people the government’s waiting list can be up to a year or more for a package to become available. In the meantime, depending on your situation, you can always access our privately funded services.

Step 4 – Research providers in your area

Whilst you are waiting to be allocated to a government funded Home Care Package, you can get in contact with Home Care Package providers that are in your area.

Luxe Care is just a phone call away and we will come out for a no obligation visit to discuss your needs and how we work.

Step 5 – Choose a provider

When you have decided on the right provider, you have 56 days to confirm which Home Care Package agreement you want to go with. Once confirmed with both My Aged Care and us your package will begin within two weeks. We will talk to you about the best way that you choose to meet your needs. By budgeting out what you need to spend every day and if you want to plan for a future event, you can make the most out of the funding.