staying in isolation elderly

The Stage Four Lockdowns in Melbourne have taken their toll on all of us. Who would have ever imagined that we would be spending so much time at home? For many people the social isolation has had a profound effect on their lives.

While it is important to ensure we are all abiding by the rules and staying safe, it is just as important to make sure we stay healthy and happy.

1. Your health

Many people think that they should stay at home at all costs. This not always true. It is important to make sure you stay connected with the healthcare professionals that you would ordinarily see.

Missing a doctors appointment may mean that serious health issues go undetected, or health issues become more complex.

Health professionals, including the staff at Luxe Care, have intensive education in infection control procedures and have stringent processes to ensure your safety.

So keep up important medical and allied health appointments to avoid complications further down the track.

2. Travel

Right now travel is only for essential reasons. If you used to catch public transport to an appointment perhaps rethink that and have a someone take you.

This can avoid unnecessary contact with the public.

3. Telehealth

Other options could be telehealth. If you are not confident in making a computer appointment have a family member or Carer help you out. At Luxe Care we have become quite proficient in managing video calls.

4. Happiness

Now your health remains on track it is time to focus on the important things in life. For many people getting out to the shops, calling in to the chemist or simply going for a walk and a chat in the neighbourhood are just not possible at the moment.

Help is at hand though to help work with you and make sure you get the most out of life.

It could be something as simple as reinvigorating those cooking skills or looking forward to the next holiday with family.

5. Stay social

stay social elderly

There are different ways of socialising.

We have been helping clients with a number of activities to keep them connected. Examples include video or facetime calls with family and friends, watching concerts online, visiting famous art galleries and places of interest online, watching plays and even live shows.

As the world has temporarily shut its doors there are so many businesses finding new ways to keep up the enjoyment. Just this week we watched the penguin parade at Phillip Island with quite a few of our clients!

6. Calm

Sometimes just taking time to be thankful for what you have can put a smile on your face.

Breathing exercise, meditation, relaxing music are now more and more available by phone and internet.

7. Ask for help

Sometimes if things get a bit overwhelming you need someone to talk to. Your Carers and Care Managers are always here for you. We can also put you in touch with other services such as the Older Person’s Advocacy Network should you need them.

Even though things are tough at the moment there are people to help.