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Talking to a parent about home care

We get comments every week from clients families saying “I wish we had done this earlier.”

It is never too early to have this often difficult conversation with your elders about getting a bit of extra help around the house. As you start to see changes in how they are coping at home, socially or perhaps not going out as much, talk to them early about planning for care at home. 

Ask your elders what is important to them. Listen carefully to their answers. People need to feel heard and know that their wants and needs have value. They may say they value their privacy, or that they are worried about keeping on top of the “heavier” jobs around the house. Sometimes it can be tasks such as helping with the laundry – hanging out heavy sheets can be tough at the best of times – the least favoured jobs may be a good way to gradually introduce help.

Knowing what your elder worries about and what they might want will help you plan for their care. Together you can then make up a plan to address your elders safety and independence at the same time.

Have a plan to accommodate changes to their daily routine

To help your parent age in place, you may need to look at their regular activities of daily living and how their abilities may change.

Talk to your elders about options for meals. You might consider grocery delivery, pre prepared meals or ready make meals. You can have meals delivered or you can hire an in-home carer to assist with meal preparation.

Often the home may need changes to make bathing, dressing, and mobility easier. These modifications or renovations should be done sooner rather than later.

Know your options 

It is essential to talk to your parents about what care options are available to age in place. In-home care does not need to be an all or nothing commitment.

The best approach when talking with your parent is to ask what they feel is their biggest concern. Many elders will be comfortable with the idea of hiring a cleaner to come in for housekeeping once a week or having meals delivered.

Discuss with your parent about talking to a reliable home care provider like Luxe Care. Luxe Care can set up a meeting with one of our Registered Nurse Care Managers who will discuss what care options are available.