tips on how to take care people with dementia

As dementia progresses through early, mid, and late-stage the role of the caregiver will also progress. These tips can help you navigate the more stressful times of dementia caregiving.

Eliminate causes of stress

Keep the environment consistent. Use calm, subtle colours to decorate, turn off unnecessary noise and reduce clutter. Simplifying your environment can help people relax and feel less overwhelmed and confused.

Sometimes a structured routine can help.

Simple communication

This may seem obvious but not stating your message clearly can result in confusion. Use simple words and sentences to best get your point across. 

Spend time explaining what is happening, step by step, in simple sentences. Even if someone can’t understand your words a calm tone will be reassuring. 

It may not be necessary to tell your loved one things that will cause them stress and it will save you from repeating yourself again and again. 


Make sure the person gets enough exercise and participates in meaningful activities. Exercise can stimulate circulation to the brain and reduce stress, helping your loved one cope with overwhelming feelings of disorientation and confusion.

Meaningful conversations

While some people may not have a good short-term memory, many people living with dementia can remember what their lives were like when they were younger. Replaying popular music from their earlier years or asking questions about their distant past may help redirect them and bring them joy in a difficult time.

Ask for help

As much as many people want to, no one can provide the support 24 hours a day on their own. There are options for people living with dementia. Sometimes just having a break can give you the recharge you need.

At Luxe Care, our Registered Nurse Care Managers are just a call away. We can also put in you in touch with a number of support services to help make life easier.

Know you are doing the best you can

Dementia caregiving is extremely demanding and stressful. Take heart in the fact that you are caring for your loved one in a special way. Focus on the good times, be patient and understanding through the tough times, and know that with Luxe Care you are certainly not alone in your journey.