wedding assistance for elderly

Enjoying the good things in life.

At Luxe Care we focus on the important things in life. By that we mean the things that you and your family find important.

Private home care is much more than care within the four walls of your home. Private home care services can include outings, events and even holidays. Think about anywhere you may need help with an elder and we can help make it happen.

We make sure that the elders in your family get the support and assistance they need, no matter what the reason. For many older people attending social outings and events, it is not just the event itself but all the worry that goes around it especially when elders are becoming frailer or more forgetful.

Assisting older people to get ready, travel to and from, as well as attending to their individual needs during an event can be an additional complication that most people particularly family members and main carers find it too hard to manage. 

Knowing that there is someone there to help with all the little things that make for an enjoyable day out can take away the stress of family’s worrying that mum or dad may not be able to cope.

Recently our staff helped get one of our clients to the wedding of her much loved granddaughter. By planning the approach to be achieved in small batches we made sure our client was not too fatigued or overwhelmed.

We arranged to go out shopping to help find the perfect outfit about a month before the event. This included some facetime calls with family to get feedback on dress choice, all of which the client thoroughly enjoyed. 

We then managed to have a nail appointment a few days before. 

On the day of the wedding our client was picked up, taken to the hairdressers and after an hour of pampering, home for a quick bite and a rest. Then it was off to the small family wedding, lunch and home just after the speeches. 

With all the planning and stress of a wedding, especially one that had been rescheduled due to COVID, the family were thrilled that grandma made it to the wedding. They were able to relax at the wedding knowing that their elderly loved one was comfortable and cared for during the celebration.

Whether it is making sure that mum has her hair done as usual every week, having help to get ready for a regular card game, attending that book club luncheon or making sure hair, makeup, outfit and transport to a family wedding has been attended to, Luxe Care can take care of pretty much anything.