private home care provider

A private home care provider is a company that enters into an arrangement directly with you or your family member to provide home care services on a fee for service basis. 

What this means is that you pay for the care you need rather than paying a lot of other fees that can typically be imposed by government entities. This means that you end up with more time for care rather than paying a lot of money to cover administration costs.

To compare, companies that provide government funded care programs have to comply with a range of rules and regulations and paperwork which increases the cost of care for you. 

Private home care providers provide the same or, and in the case of Luxe Care, a higher level of service to ensure all of your particular needs and preferences are met.

Choosing home care services can feel overwhelming and stressful. For many older people, the option to remain in their home is worth the time and energy it takes to investigate home care services. To be able to remain independent and safe, in the comfort of the familiar surroundings is the goal of many older people. To feel in control of their life and choices is invaluable. Home care services make that option possible.

If you are looking at employing private home care for yourself or a loved one, please look no further Luxe Care.

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