what is private home care

We know nothing beats home. Often it might seem too complex or overwhelming to remain at home when you may require anywhere from four hours a day to around the clock assistance. However, there is an alternative to leaving your loved ones and home behind.

Luxe Care provides consistent, long term, high quality, in-home care to older people in Melbourne. It provides the substitute so many look for in aged care and enables you or your loved one to remain at home as long as possible in a comfortable and safe manner. 

Our staff work closely with our clients and their family members to ensure that the service provided to each individual is tailored to their specific needs from their immediate requirements and into the future. They are selected from a pool of the highest quality qualified Carers with experience, compassion and commitment. 

Feedback from clients who have chosen Luxe Care over a government funded package has been that the client has more control, there is consistency of staff and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs. 

With a choice from varying levels of support, it is difficult to find a situation that Luxe Care cannot integrate with, including 24-hour support, regular services for a few hours each day, sleepover care, after hours and emergency services and respite care.

For those who may need companionship or assistance in an otherwise independent life, Luxe Care can provide services such as regular outings, visiting friends and relatives, going to social activities and providing transport to the shops, banks or medical appointments. The companion care you receive when you choose Luxe Care is unmatched because the care is so specifically tailored to individual needs and the Carers themselves are matched with compatible clients.

Some of the benefits of companion care include; company and contact for people who are lonely and home alone, the ability to maintain independence, having the choice to pick activities that excite and invigorate them, maintaining personal relationships with friends and family, and contentment in knowing someone is always there to help them if they need it.

If you think you, or someone close to your heart may be interested in hearing that there is another option to moving out of home, contact Luxe Care to discuss your options, as they understand that personalised care and support is crucial in a time where your needs are changing.