what is private home care

While there are some government funded types of care and support at home such as council services and home care packages, private home care is similar to any other service that you choose to pay for yourself. Put simply private home care is a service that you directly pay an individual or a private home care company for.

You are in control

Unlike government funded programs, private home care puts you in control. With many government funded services there will be a limit as to what you can get. There are usually a whole lot of rules about what you aren’t allowed to have as well.

By using private companies you decide how much or how little care or services you need. You might start out with a couple of hours a week or fortnight or you might want someone there 24 hours a day. It is entirely up to you. Often once people get to know their staff and realise how much they can help make life easier, soon ask for a little bit more help.

Different types of services

Often private home care companies can solve nearly any question you may have. Whether it is such things as having a registered nurse to look after a wound, accessing equipment to make it easier to get around, arranging appointments or even taking the dog for a walk, private companies are generally much more flexible. After all, they realise it is all about you.

Levels of service varies

Private home care services can vary depending on the person and the organisation. Much like anything in life you get what you pay for. There is usually a good reason for cheap prices.

Sometimes people think it is great to hire staff off a job hire website directly. This can sometimes be problematic as you may not know a person’s history, they may not have valid insurance or up to date skills and there is no one to go to if you are unhappy with the service or heaven forbid the staff member injures themselves in your house.

So if you are looking for a bargain but don’t care about service or having the same staff in your house each week you may go for the cheapest option.

If however you are wanting better quality service it is worth doing some research.

Someone to turn to

High quality companies will attract and retain high quality staff. Often the recruitment process is quite strict and companies like Luxe Care ensure staff are well trained, supported and treated well. In today’s environment ensuring staff are providing first class care and maintaining the strictest infection control protocols is essential.

It is good to check things such as making sure you have a say about your carers as it is vital that you get along with and have someone that you can trust coming into your home. Some companies such as Luxe Care will let you “interview” your potential carer/s.

And going through a company rather than by hiring someone directly means that there is an owner or manager to talk to if you are ever worried about anything. It also means there is back up from a team that know and understand you well should a staff member have holidays or need some leave.