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Luxe Care offers temporary relief to those caring for loved ones with disability, chronic illnesses, or age-related needs. 




Luxe Care offers temporary relief to those caring for loved ones with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or age-related needs. Our respite care allows hard-working caregivers the opportunity to step away from their responsibilities temporarily, giving them time and space to recharge, address their own needs, reengage with social activities and prevent burnout. During respite, our carers will step in to provide all necessary support to the individual requiring assistance, ensuring their wellbeing and daily routine is maintained.


A break when you really need it

Caring for someone you love with a chronic illness, disability or age-related needs can be a rewarding thing to do. But it can also lead to fatigue, stress and minimal time for yourself.

Our respite carers will step in and give you the opportunity to step away. You will have the chance to take a proper break, rest up and do something that brings you joy. Whether it’s a few hours or longer periods, respite care can help reduce stress, prevent burnout and promote healthy relationships.

In home-respite-care


Being a carer can be physically and emotionally draining. By taking a break, you can recharge your batteries for your own wellbeing, which can also allow you to be a better carer for your loved one.

Other benefits include:

– Prevent burnout

- Improve mental health
– Maintain quality of care for your loved one
– Allow you to reconnect with things that bring you joy
– Relax and de-stress yourself and your loved ones
– Promote healthy relationships
– Provide social interaction outside of caring



At a frequency you choose, our respite care services will keep your loved one safe and comfortable while you take a much-needed break.

While you (or the primary carer) take a break, our carers can offer:

  • High quality, consistent and professional support in the home while you rest.

  • Companion care can include helping your loved one with socialising, building friendships and finding activities that bring them joy.

  • Assisting with daily personal care, like bathing, grooming, dressing, and mobility.

  • We will handle housework tasks like cleaning, cooking and laundry.

  • Our team of Registered Nurses can provide clinical care, like distributing medication and observations for clients with complex medical needs.

  • Immediate, short-term respite care can be provided for any unforeseen circumstances that requires a primary carer to step away.

  • Whether a one off or a few hours on occasion, our carers offer you a short term break.

  • If a carer needs an extended break, we offer overnight stays.

  • If a carer needs more than 24 hours away, we offer consistent visits or overnight stays.

  • Dementia or other specific conditions require specialised care. Our experienced clinical team can tailor our support to your needs.

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